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PSRX Volkswagen Sweden chase the pace
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Barcelona and Portugal showed pace and potential. But for Germany this weekend, Petter Solberg and Johan Kristoffersson want to give Volkswagen’s stunning Polo GTI Supercar a home win to remember.
World RX of Hockenheim is the third round of a thrilling FIA World Rallycross Championship and a gilt-edged opportunity for Petter and Johan to continue an astonishing start to the season. Just a few months ago, PSRX Volkswagen Sweden was a dream opportunity, on paper. It took plenty of midnight oil, commitment and effort to turn it into the reality of a team and two cars. Two Supercars.
The dream didn’t just come true, it delivered more than team owner Petter could ever have hoped for; both cars have made the final at rounds one and two and Johan took a maiden podium in Montalegre last time out.
“The trouble is with this team, we keep setting the bar higher for ourselves,” said Solberg. “In the beginning, just making it to the start of the first race was a real challenge, but when we managed that we wanted to make the final, then we wanted the top three. Now, the bar’s been set at a win in Germany this week.”
Petter knows what it takes to succeed at the Hockenheim, having won the first ever rallycross round at the track two years ago. He can’t wait to get back out there.
“The track is a really nice one,” he said. “The combination of a Formula 1 circuit with dirt, gravel and jumps is really cool. I like it. I also like the atmosphere we get from the fans that come here, there’s always a really good crowd who appreciate a great race.”
And a great race is a given in this championship.
Anybody questioning that should look back to Petter’s Hockenheim semi-final last year. “That was really unbelievable,” said Solberg, “one of the most exciting races ever…”
The PSRX Volkswagen Sweden team is constantly evolving the Polo GTI Supercars at the moment and there’s been more work since Portugal. The weather hasn’t helped this process, however.
“We were testing at home in Holjes,” said Kristoffersson, “and we thought we were fairly safe with the weather, but the winter came back and gave us one last visit. When we went to the track for testing, it was a lot of snow – we like the slippery conditions in rallycross, but maybe not this slippery! The snow cleared and we did get some good track time, we learned more about the car and the team has gathered plenty of useful data. And we’re going to need all of that data, the championship is so incredibly competitive this season.”
Having spent so much time at Volkswagen Motorsport headquarters in recent months, Petter’s beginning to feel quite at home among the bratwurst and lederhosen. But he knows, home race or not for Volkswagen, there will be plenty of action on the track.
Petter said: “I think our rivals can see our potential and there’s going to be no room for error this week, if we run a little bit wide or brake too early, the guys are going to be all over us. We’re ready for that. Every race is a big deal for this team, but working so closely with Volkswagen this weekend really is important for Johan, for me and for everybody in PSRX Volkswagen Sweden.”
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